UZA-1 installation

UZA-1 installation It is intended to manufacture the simplest granular explosives, "Granulites" and their packaging in bags. Ammonium nitrate and petroleum products (diesel fuel, used oil with diesel fuel, mineral oil, and their mixtures) are used as components. Depending on the operating conditions, it is produced in climatic modification "U" (temperate climate, ambient temperature from -50°C to +40°C), "T" (tropical dry and humid climate, ambient temperature from -10°C to +45°С) according to GOST 15150−69. produced in accordance with the technical specifications TU 3615-038-05608605-2015 complies with the requirements of the "Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on the safety of machinery and equipment."

Productivity, t/h up 2
Components for the production of granulites Ammonium nitrate Petroleum product: diesel fuel, waste oil with diesel fuel, mineral oil and mixtures thereof
Type of containers for ammonium nitrate Bags 20-50 kg
Type of containers for oil products Eurocubes, barrels.
Type of container for packaged "Granulites" Bags 20-50 kg
Method for dosing explosives into bags gravimetric
Permissible deviation of dosing of explosives into bags 5 %
Installation dimensions The overall and connecting dimensions of the installation correspond to the universal large-tonnage unified container of type 1C.
Hopper capacity 50 kg of porous ammonium nitrate
Curb weight, no more than, kg 5000