For more than 30 years, the Nitro Sibir JSC has been developing innovative technologies for the production and use of bulk and patronized emulsion explosives of the Sibirit™ brand for mining in Russia and abroad, and implements projects for the organization of turnkey emulsion explosives, and develops and produces and produces mixing and delivery equipment for open and underground mining. Currently, Nitro Sibir JSC is more than 20 companies from manufactories plants of emulsion explosives to service companies providing explosive services and production of technological equipment located in all large mining regions of Russia, as well as in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Scandinavian countries.

Development and production of industrial explosives
Design and supply of turnkey new production, as well as technical documentation and technological equipment necessary for the manufacture and use of industrial centuries
The production of emulsifiers developed according to their own recipe and technology intended for the Sibirit emulsion explosives, and other types of emulsion explosives.
Development and manufacture of specialized technological equipment, charging and delivery equipment for open and underground mining
Complex supply of enterprises by explosion equipment
The provision of services for drilling work and optimizing the parameters of drilling and blasting operations in open and underground mining
The supply of raw materials that meet the requirements of the technology and allow us to produce high -quality high -tech products
Technical support and modernization of existing enterprises, warranty and post -warranty services


Business geography


Zhuchenko Evgeniy Ivanovich
Chairman of the Board, CEO
Ioffe Valery Borisovich
Technical Director
Zharkov Andrei Mikhailovich
Production Department Director
Elizov Oleg Nikolaevich
Executive Director
Aleksandrov Yury Viktorovich
Director of Explosive Technology Development Department
Member of the board
Alexandrova Alexandra Yurievna
Financial Director