Over the past ten years, NITRO SIBERIA JSC has completed more than 40 research works (engineering) in order to improve the quality of drilling and blasting operations (BVR) at the Customer's mining enterprises.

Among the most frequently encountered tasks from Customers, one can single out ensuring the maximum yield of proper fraction (a middle piece of blasted rock mass), reducing the yield of oversize, minimizing over-grinding, determining effective slowdown intervals, developing drilling and blasting parameters, etc.

To solve the above tasks, NITRO SIBERIA JSC has a Department for the Development of Explosive Technologies.

The main stages of engineering work include:
- Determination of the actual physical and structural properties of the massif using the photoplanometric module of the NITRO SIBERIA software package, hardware for quality control of the blasted rock mass, and the stone laboratory;
- Determination of rational parameters of drilling and blasting providing requirements for the quality of the blasted rock mass according to the Customer's Terms of Reference.
-Preparation for the Customer of Reports/Recommendations on the developed parameters of drilling and blasting;
-Support of pilot drilling and blasting works of the Customer and instrumental analysis of the actual results of blasting.

If you are interested in carrying out these works at your mining enterprise, write a request to NITRO SIBIR JSC (Moscow) or contact us by phone.