Mobile production complexes

The company creates mobile production complexes mounted on vehicles for the operational provision of mining enterprises with emulsion explosives of the Sibirit brand. The production capacity of the mobile complex is 25 thousand tons. At the same time, the maintenance of the complex is carried out by a staff of 5-6 people.

The preparation of the emulsion can also be carried out on the technological platform. In this case, the emulsion produced by MSZ-14MT is loaded into mixing and charging machines such as MSZ-16, MSZ-20, and others. In addition, the emulsion can be loaded into delivery vehicles of the TK-20 type and transported to the places where the corresponding works are performed. According to the experience of such a complex, the peak production load reached 2.5 thousand tons of EHV per month. The complex has been in continuous operation for four years. Two such complexes continue to operate successfully in Kuzbass at the present time.

The production mobile complex consists of:
1) Machines, machine-factory type, equipped with a mixer for mixing components;
2) One or two mixing and charging machines;
3) Tank semi-trailer is designed for transportation and temporary storage of solutions of the oil phase, gas generating additive, water spray, and ammonium nitrate solution.