Modular container plants

Modular container-type plants ("MZKT") with a production capacity of 10 or 50 thousand tons of explosives per year are designed to be able to organize the production of non-explosive components of Sibirit emulsion explosives in the shortest possible time.

Efficiency factors of NITRO SIBERIA container plants:
Low capital costs for the establishment of EHV production;
Arctic version of MZKT (at the request of the Customer);
Low operating costs due to:
-Low energy intensity of the production process. The need for electricity is from 80 to 200 kW;
-Low labor costs (Technological staff directly at the EHV production: from 5 to 10 people);

The minimum time for commissioning (including design) is 6-7 months due to:
-Minimum volume of construction and installation works;
-Reducing the volume of commissioning compared to a stationary plant;
-High-level mechanization and automation of production processes;
-High mobility of the production complex, allowing for quick demobilization and transportation to another facility;

The cost of works under the contract for the sale of a container plant includes:
1. Transfer of technical documentation to the plant and preparation of the technological part of the Project;
2. Providing the necessary TS certificates;
3. Manufacturing and supply of technological equipment;
4. Carrying out chief - installation of technological equipment;
5. Carrying out commissioning works with the release of a batch of products - 150 tons of explosives;
6. Carrying out training of service personnel;
7. License agreement for the transfer of rights to use the technology for the production of Emulsion explosive Sibirit 1200;

Under an additional contract, technical support is provided for the entire period of operation.