Stationary plants in prefabricated buildings

For various application conditions, a parametric range of modular equipment was developed for prefabricated buildings from light metal structures with an increased production capacity from 10 to 200 thousand tons per year of emulsion. At the same time, the possibility of using semi-finished solutions of an oxidizer and fuel was also provided, which makes it possible to repeatedly increase the efficiency of the technology and reduce the number of personnel.

Stationary production lines involve the production of Sibirit emulsion and other components of emulsion explosives at the project site. At the same time, the technology provides for the safety of production since the explosive composition is obtained directly in the process of loading the well.

Stationary production lines provide waste-free production, high adaptability to the quality of raw materials, and high automation of production.

If there is no complex for the production of ready-made solutions of ammonium nitrate (AN) in the vicinity of the location of the complex, the complex may include additional equipment:
mobile unit for preparing a solution of oxidizing agents;
block-modular mobile boiler house based on a steam generator.

The annual capacity of stationary production is actually determined by the needs of drilling and blasting.

Often, such production is located on the territory adjacent to the VM warehouse. Such a complex fully provides explosive materials for blasting operations.

Efficiency factors of a stationary plant in a prefabricated building made of light metal structures:
1. Durability and strength;
2. Maintainability of process equipment and engineering systems due to ease of placement and availability of units;
3. Maintainability of the building;
4. Ability to add new equipment without changing the essential characteristics of buildings;
5. Corrosion resistance;
6. Fire resistance. The cost of fire safety measures is lower.
7. Significantly higher resistance to natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes).