Emulsifiers JSC "NITRO SIBERIA" are highly effective complex surfactant compositions based on PIBSA derivatives and monomeric surfactants dissolved in mineral oil. Emulsifiers of NITRO SIBIR JSC are designed for use in the production of water-in-oil emulsions based on ammonium nitrate. of JSC "NITRO SIBERIA" provide:

− stability of the explosive emulsion matrix compatible with standard sensitization methods such as chemical gasification and microspheres,

− outstanding performance in ANFO compliant loading systems,

− production of emulsion explosives that are stable when pumped during the loading process,

− manufacturing of cartridge-type emulsion explosives.


Emulsifiers of NITRO SIBIR JSC are designed for the production of
− conventional bulk emulsions,

− emulsions with increased viscosity,

− long-term storage emulsions,

− emulsion blends with ANFO,

− emulsions for use in underground workings,

− cartridges.

The content of emulsifiers in the composition of the final products:

Standard content 1.0 – 3.0%.


Emulsifiers of NITRO SIBERIA JSC retain their properties for at least one year. They are used in a wide temperature range.

Performance properties

Emulsifiers JSC "NITRO SIBERIA" are used to obtain an emulsion with:

− fuel phase containing various types of oils, diesel fuel, petroleum distillates, and other refined products,

− wide temperature range of application,

− low pH of the oxidant solution,

− controlled shelf life,

− maintaining stability during pumping,

− high water resistance.

Compound Polyisobutenylsuccinic acid derivatives mixed with fatty acid esters
External view Dark brown viscous liquid
Density (25oC), g/cm3 0.89 – 0.95
Kinematic viscosity (50oC), oC < 800
Acid number, mg KOH/g 15 – 30
Flash point, oC > 120